Hi, I'm Megan Magee.

Gosh, where to start??? 

So I went to Bradley University and got a degree in Television Arts. I started working with video cameras my Freshman year, and said “huh, I think I might really enjoy photography too!” I asked my parents if I could take the family DSLR back to campus, and being the gracious people they are- they let me! 

In 2017 took that little Nikon back to BU, shot a bunch of outdoor headshots for my friends, and 3 months later… I BOOKED A WEDDING!!! 🤯🤯🤯 And man did I love it, so much so that I thought about switching my major, but I found out I was going to take a drawing class and I am NOT a drawer (I was 20 ok) SO I stuck with TV Arts. During those years at Bradley, I looked at Photography as a hobby, a passion project that allowed me to connect with new people and capture the most beautiful moments in the lives of others!

In 2019 I wasn’t super happy with my corporate job- I didn’t feel like I was actually making the lives of others better, so for fun, I shot a few more weddings, and then the pandemic hit. And then (here’s where things take a different path) my Dad got sick. I was missing work, to be with him in the hospital and my employer said “Megan, you have to make a choice here.”

So I made it. I left the corporate finance job to take care of my family AND start Megan Magee Photography LLC. The last year and a half have been the most meaningful of my entire life. I’ve been able to make genuine connections, cultivate resources to make the wedding planning process easier for my clients, and photograph the most dreamy love stories. Plus, my dads health is much more stable now. 🙏🏻

Ok so you’ve heard about my journey to get here, lol, so what’s working with me like? It’s super fun! I love photo-documentary images. The best days are filled with jokes, handholding, cuddles, and real experiences. I am you're personal hype woman! When I see you, I WILL NOT be able to contain my excitement, I'll sequel along with your friends, remind you to sit up nice and tall because there is NOTHING I want more than you to LOVE your wedding photos for the rest of your lives. When we take Wedding Party photo's I'm going to bring the energy and get you the fun, smiling photos we all love. That’s my vibe. That’s what I bring to my sessions. I think we as people gravitate to images that are authentic and have movement because we look like our truest selves! That's what I help you do, create REAL moments in a day that can be fast-paced! All you have to do is show up and focus on being present with your loved ones - then leave capturing the magic to me!

I love working with couples who know who want to focus on the LOVE between them and their partner, so if you want to buck the norms, but still have a classic, elegant wedding with cool images I AM YOUR GIRL!

Things I'm currently into:

  • Jamming out to Sammie Rae and the friends in the car and Drake in the gym.
  • Currently watching: mainly listening to audio books during the busy season!
  • Listening to "The Serpent and the Wings of Night" on Audible
  • Referencing Tik Tok trends during engagement sessions to see what your FYP looks like lololol
  • Being a legislation advocate with Be The Match (I'm a stem cell donor.) If you wanna know more about that HMU.
  • Listening to NRP podcasts.


Can you make me smaller?

I do not make edits to a person's size, I think it is SO beyond important to celebrate how we look at this moment in time!

Do you travel?

Yes! I am based in the Chicagoland area, so the suburbs and the city! But I also frequently make trips to Rockford and Peoria! If there is more than a 50-mile drive I do include mileage in the price! Out of state? YES, PLEASE! Up next for me -> Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania!

Do we pay per photo?

This is definitely a common business model in photography- it's just not mine. My packages are all-inclusive, you get sneak peeks and a full edited gallery that tells the story of your session!

Can I get the raw images?

I do not deliver any raw images. What you see here is my style!

Do you remove blemishes?

Yes, yes I do. If there is a blemish, or sweat stain, I do remove those!

How many photos will we get?

An 8 hour wedding will have a range of 900 - 1,400 images!

How do I reserve my session?

To lock in a date it's 30% down!